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    India's ultimate library locator website, Study space's mission is to be the most reliable source of finding libraries near you and buying memberships for readers and book lovers across the country. Memozin Private Limited has been providing exceptional online library services across India. With we intend to bring the reading community together. Therefore Studyspace has collected a list of libraries nationwide to help you find your next favorite library. brings together the intellectual community together to better enable them to reach each other and benefit from each other. With study space, we intend to connect book lovers, readers, students and academicians with their nearby libraries. Memozin Private Limited has stood strong for book lovers all over India and is just another endeavor to provide exceptional library service to its loving customers.

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    For Libraries, Studyspace will be a great source to get new readers and memberships. Listing your library at Studyspace will bring your library to notice. Libraries under Studyspace will get the added benefit of displaying their library membership online, all on just one site. Apart from displaying membership plans, we offer online registration for your valuable readers too. Study space is brought to you by Memozin Private Limited, a pioneer company providing online books rental service with its celebrated website and now to better serve its huge customer base Memozin has launched to add to its services and help people find libraries and help libraries find new readers. Whether you are looking for a new library or you want to register your library, log on to and connect with others searching like/for you.